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Non Comic Updates

As I slowly transfer content from the old site, figure out what is worth moving over and generally hate the design that we currently have, I know I’d feel remiss if I weren’t to update the site posts. As usual the old version of the site is located here. For content that has been uploaded, check out the Writing and Comics sections of the website because really I’d prefer work doing those more than anything – ha ha ha (I am writing for Nerdy With Children right now which is an enjoyable gig). Hopefully tomorrow I will have some big
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ERAS: Parrish Page 1

For Page 1 I wanted to get the horror poster idea across though I realized since that the inspiration I was looking for was more of the EERIE comic horror covers or part of some cultural meme that I couldn’t find any original examples of. The shadow is foreshadowing though (The Man Who Already WAS A MONSTER bum bum buuuuuum!) and I tried to go for the most generic era-appropriate hero name I could – thus Dirk Patrick. Facially I had the Dirk Patrick look pegged as “he has some heavy European facial features that don’t fully match his face
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ERAS: Parrish Cover

This is the beginning of the online posting of ERAS: Parrish, as unlocked via Kickstarter.  ERAS is this re-imagining/reboot project where I am taking a lot of Bob Powell characters who entered the public domain and remaking them – changing origins – sort of a Watchmen approach. But this will be done through a series of serials, each set in a different decade with a different character and a different artist and all of the heroes are fighting the same villain ala Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory. ERAS: Parrish is the chronological starting point and I was lucky enough to
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