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Heroes International

I’m currently at NYCC having remembered that I haven’t updated this website in ages. Since ages have passed I’ve gotten a new job with Scotts Miracle-Gro, I’ve published 5 mini comics, I’ve completed (more or less) both Kickstarters that were an albatross around my production neck and I’ve been picked up by Legacy Rising to write Heroes International which you can check out here. Mike Watson describes it as “the Avengers…but they suck”, after-which the egotistical part of me dies a bit each time he says that. I say it’s the high drama of comic relationships taken to a next
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Since We Last Spoke

It has been an intense 6 months since our last post. In that time I started a full time position as Digital Content Specialist for Scotts/Miracle-Gro, I became editor and writer for FreeStyleKomics, I started doing the podcast MultiversalQ more regularly, and I put together some more comics (including Senator Luchador) tat you can find on my Gumroad. Work is currently going on Super Slasher, Sentai Slasher Summer Camp and Heroes International (for FreeStyle Komics). Look for more news and updates in the next few weeks when I should have more free time.
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