Luke Herr is a responsible, dedicated, meticulous worker who clearly cares about not only the quality of his work, but also the quality of his relationships with the people he works for and with. He takes initiative, handles problems, keeps in regular contact and accomplishes the tasks he sets out to do. Would recommend to friends. +1 thumbs up Yelp review.
– Eugene Ahn, Adam WarRock, galactic defender

For the past few years Luke Herr has been in regular contact with me, offering his ideas, many of them excellent. His insight, persistence, and unwavering enthusiasm would be a valuable asset to any organization.
– Akira the Don, British musician and producer

Luke has booked me multiple shows, designed parts of my website, and taken it on his own motivation to print flyers and demos to promote my music, often using money out of pocket. He is a great help and he is highly motivated to do whatever it is he thinks is the best thing for a project.
– Alvaro Lopez Moreno, Blackwolf 

Not to be too hyperbolic, but Luke was an excellent intern. He regularly updated us as to where he was on the various projects assigned to him, he was extremely proficient in the various software we asked him to use. If he wasn’t familiar with something he took it upon himself to research and learn it as quickly as possible. He worked more hours than we asked him to and also showed lots of initiative when it came to working on our web forums and our site.
– Curt Franklin, Let’s Be Friends Again Inc 

Lucas did a great job for us with any and every task we threw at him, as well as taking the initiative to come to us with new ideas.
Chris Haley, Let’s Be Friends Again Inc

Here’s what I like about Luke: he solves problems with efficiency, creativity and speed. If you need it done, he can and will do it, and he’ll do it beautifully. Here’s what I don’t like about Luke: nothing.
– Dylan Todd, graphic designer

Luke Herr is the Charlie Chaplin of L’il Waynes.
– Phil Kahn, writer

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