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I use the term “web solutions” because I can often go beyond design for projects but I am not always a coder – I find solutions for my clients that suit their needs and their budgets.

Recent Projects

SMLC Ithaca

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.07.44 AM

SMLC Ithaca was an update to the old site incorporating WordPress with a shifting color scheme, easy to add content and made to suit the needs of the church, including their budget.

Sullivan’s Sluggers

Sullivan's Sluggers Website


Sullivan’s Sluggers was a two fold project – I needed to make a site with a solid splash page to the clients specifications and I needed to figure out a store solution. Based on his needs I ended up creating an interior store powered by Big Cartel. The client was cheaply and easily able to add his products while also handling shipping and ended up satisfied. Front page hard coded, interior in WordPress.




Nerdcenaries is a fake comic news site that I also run and edit. This is the third design for the site and I think it works. It is clean, organized and cuts through too much bunk. Not to say that I don’t have a new design coming up soon.

Let’s Be Friends Again Forum

Let's Be Friends Again Forum


The Let’s Be Friends Again Forum was a project to make a working forum that kept with the aesthetic of the site. It involved researching technologies, setting up categories and was eventually featured on Comics Alliance.


Additional sites:


Changeling was a webcomic that I wrote and Joe Hunter illustrated. The comic was mostly a black and white paranormal mystery comic so I wanted that noir feel to the site – sparse except where the details were supposed to be.

New Energy Enterprises WebsiteNew Energy Enterprises is a solar startup site for a company in Pittsburgh. I ended up bringing on a friend, Jim Shields, to assist with some of the interior coding due to time restraints on my part.

Southern Ohio Poultry Association Website

 The Southern Ohio Poultry Association site was a bit of a debacle to deal with – I had larger ambitions for the site but the order of the day was to keep it as simple as possible which I did. I’m not a major fan of some of the buttons personally but it is easy to use for the client which is always good. Constructed in WordPress.


Javascript Advent Calendar – An attempt to learn some more coding for fun. The calendar only really works during Advent (or if you change the date on your computer).

Comics, Everyone! Test – An experiment in Flash to make an animated version of the Comics Alliance feature.


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