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ERAS: Parrish Page 3

5 months passed and the stock market crashed! Now Ted’s million faces aren’t worth anything except for a scare and Ted is getting angry since HE can’t make money – unless he makes monsters. Ted you have some issues but you can work on them if you get some more self esteem.
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ERAS: Parrish Page 2

Page 2. Ted in the comics had the heroic face and features despite the fact that he’d constantly get into fights and had learned how to fight. So this Ted didn’t make out so well, he has a boxer’s face from growing up and continuing to live as a boxer. Luckily he has amazing skills with masks and makeup so he can cover up the flaws that make him feel like a monster (since he looks like one (or like Ron Perlman (my script says Mickey Rourke)). We also see the first of Ted’s white knight-ism (the title for the
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