Luke has been involved with the production of several podcasts since starting his first one over a decade ago. Since 2015 though, he’s regularly created a variety of audio podcasts.


March 2015 – Current
“Your guide to the comic book multiverse – now in podcast form!”
A project to recap stories related to alternate universe comics and related media on a weekly bases featuring bonus episodes of actual play RPGs, scripted stories, creator interviews, live shows, and ambitious documentary-style episodes hosted by Luke and long time friend, Devin Warner.
The format shifted in 2019 to a bi-weekly podcast focusing on the Marvel Ultimate Universe line which is set to finish in 2021.

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November 2016 – December 2019
“A Weekly Live Play Multiverse Spanning Podcast”
A spinoff of MultiversalQ’s actual play RPGs, Exiled started off as a Marvel Comics alternate universe story that spanned in scope and game system, starting with the Marvel Superhero FASERIP system, experimenting with indie systems, and ending with Magpie Games MASKS.
Accompanying Luke for the journey was a diverse cast of players and the show ended in December 2019 with a 12-part crossover featuring a wider pool of players.
The show is now on reserve status with new episodes coming mainly on anniversaries.

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John Wiki

March 2018 – January 2019
“Learning everything through the John Wick Wikipedia pages”
A limited run project that started as a way to spend time with his partner, the premise was simple – go through the John Wick (film) Wikipedia page and every time there was a link to another article, read the article and discuss it. The show hasn’t updated for a while but eventually spawned a somewhat spin-off podcast as part of the Luke Herr Podcast project.

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RPG Pals Club

January 2019 – Current
“Pals playing RPGs… in a club!”
When Sam, an interim player for Exiled had their session initially end, Luke wanted to keep playing and assembled a new group – the RPG Pals Club. Featuring a diverse group of players, this bi-monthly podcast (new episodes on the 1st and the 15th of each month), started playing through the 5th Edition campaign Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, but has expanded out to demo other games. The main Waterdeep campaign, In Too Waterdeep, has a focus on millenial and Gen Z worries like finances, family, and trying to open a dog cafe.
The show is produced by Eric “Rhythm Bastard”.

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The Luke Herr Podcast Project

June 2019 – Current
Luke decided with MultiversalQ switching to alternating weeks, to start running other projects, with the main focus of this being The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage, a film discussion podcast focusing on the career of actor Nicolas Cage, with Abby and Devin. Other podcast one-offs and special also appear in this thread after initially being posted on Luke’s Patreon.

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Established Property Playhouse

September 2020 – Current
Luke runs a curated anthology podcast using different systems and different established properties to tell different stories, featuring Established Property Playhouse Matinee, an all ages series.

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