Personal Blogs

Nerdcenaries (2011 – 2017) – Fake comic news site that I also run and edit.
DC Versus Marvel (2011) – Comic review blog that I cowrote for.
Nerding/Review Blog (2008-2011) – My very first blog where I cut my teeth writing reviews.

Published Work

Xavier Files

Weapon IV Revealed And Brute Force Suffers A Brutal Loss In Weapon Plus: World War IV #1
Which Marvel Villain Are You Based On Your Astrological Sign?
Darkseid is … Not a Spear Guy


Supers on Screen: Batman (1989)
Mind The Gap: You Haven’t Seen Fargo

The Content Farm

Former parody content farm site

How To Dispose Of Flavorless Gum
How To Get A Girl To Like You
How To Hold A Viking Funeral
How To Make Millions Of Dollars Working From Home

Nerdy With Children

Nerdy parenting site.

Comics For Kids Of All Ages
Review Of “The Avengers: EMH” and”Superman Family Adventures”
Breaking Out Of Fantasy Genre Gender Tropes With ‘Princeless’
Interview With Jeremy Whitley, Creator Of The Comic Princeless

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