The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #04: Moonstruck

Luke, Devin, and Abby get ready for the lunar cursed film, Moonstruck. We talk about Cher’s quality Twitter game and other notable accomplishments, a Groundhog Day hot take, Sonny Bono facts, mail order CDs, Luke is a murderer?, classic Oscar winners, bad recaps, Italian energy, confusing children names, podcast bleed, high class literature, a game

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #03: Raising Arizona

Luke, Devin and Abby get ready for the second Coen Brothers film, Three Men and a Baby, by which we mean Raising Arizona. We talk about a ghost, The Coen Bros accessibility, things Devin does listen to, Abby knowing what CHUDs are, Ronald Reagan robbing banks, Woody Woodpecker aesthetics, firing babies, Holly Hunter!, various musics,

Animal Crossing: New Record

Join your new friends, Arty, Tent, and Aubrey as they work to help KK Slider get some new music out to the town of Mount Sumlege. Featuring Jonah Jackson as Arty, Madison Rowan as Tent, Janine Juliet as Aubrey, and Luke Herr as the GM and Producer. Played with the Animal Crossing hack of Lasers