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And it ends on a sudden and abrupt cliffhanger which is less of a question and more of an action scene where we never get to see the action. I thought it was cool because then people could imagine the ending but I was wrong. šŸ˜ Anyway. here is the page in grayscale. This will

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During the Depression, hunks, which we seen as anĀ apotheosisĀ of the choleric vogue at the time, wandered the streets looking for work. Due to hunk discriminatory laws though, many of them ended up forming hunk towns – crudely assembled burgs where they would huddle around a can expecting food to appear. When a hunk would die,

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We rejoin our hero Ted a few weeks later – a month later – a year later maybe? He has returned to the ring without a reason for himself to fight and as he sees the life he lost, a chance for a new one appears. Also points to James for moving the busker speech

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Hubris and the fall of man! So Ted’s devotion to being a masculine money earning male while also forcing himself to always be viewed as a hero has removed the one person who loved him from his life. I totally support Gabby on making her ultimatum for Ted because the dude could find other work

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We continue with the flashbacks! So Ted has become a good enough boxer to actually win matches and he ended up with a belt. But Ted’s sister leaves and his entire drive, his target of white knighting vanishes and he started losing again and soon hung up the gloves. Distraught, Ted picks up work at

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I went about a month without posting a new page which is pretty horrible since all of these pages are actually completed… I’ve been busy but I’ll talk about that elsewhere. While it isn’t my favorite string of a character calling out another character’s name, I like bits of this page. Overall I think I

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5 months passed and the stock market crashed! Now Ted’s million faces aren’t worth anything except for a scare and Ted is getting angry since HE can’t make money – unless he makes monsters. Ted you have some issues but you can work on them if you get some more self esteem.