Ocean’s Dream Playtest Recording 01!

Alright, so I am joined on this playtest by a very good bunch of people, Beau (https://twitter.com/hotspringsummer), Rebecca (who reccs https://peopleneedgoals.bandcamp.com/), Madison (https://twitter.com/QuipsterRikuru), Chris (https://twitter.com/playcomicscast), and Janine (https://twitter.com/janinejuliet). I GM this game that is in development!

Animal Crossing: New Record

Join your new friends, Arty, Tent, and Aubrey as they work to help KK Slider get some new music out to the town of Mount Sumlege. Featuring Jonah Jackson as Arty, Madison Rowan as Tent, Janine Juliet as Aubrey, and Luke Herr as the GM and Producer. Played with the Animal Crossing hack of Lasers