The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #13: G-Force

Luke, Devin and Abby watch Abby lament as Nicolas Cage is back in G-Force and Abby remembers she has to watch it and discuss it, along with the Muppets, Thomas Hayden Church, Cats & Dogs, 5 year old’s film ideas, Luke Got The Twist, Guinea Pig Owner Corner, and Actor Talk, and more! Also vote

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #12: The Rock

Devin, Abby and Luke break out to watch Nicolas Cage in The Rock and discuss how nobody sleeps well, the house eating film, Shaq Fu, Boom Boom Times, Boys On Film, The Third Heat, John Leguizamo is not in this movie, Sean Connery money, San Francisco!, the classic actor rundown and more!

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #10: Ghost Rider

The gang is back! Luke, Devin, and Abby are here to watch Nicolas Cage bust some ghosts as the Ghost Rider and discuss Dabbing on the Ghost Rider Bike, recommending Elkart, Indiana, Ghost Rider III: Drive Angry, New Girl spin-off films, the Simon Birch enthusiast, Coolio’s career, I’m Fonda Fonda, and then they do a

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #09: Guarding Tess

After a break but not a break up, Luke, Devin and Abby are back to watch Guarding Tess and discuss Barbara Streisand, Holiday Movie Avengers, Gary Marshall, Secret Backhoe, FLIM OHIO, Forgotten Son, Cajun Chef Uncle Vernon, Forgettable Lost Films, Guarding Tess Endorsements, Max from The Muppets Movies and James Rebhorn, and WHAT WE WILL

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #08: National Treasure

On a coincidental holiday tie in to the Fourth of July, Luke, Devin, and Abby go looking for a National Treasure and discuss teen heart throb Chad Michael Murray, Sharps Vs Sharks, Luke’s stupid prestige teen years, Rob McElhenney’s Quarantine House, a smaller National Treasure, Who’s Fault Is It?, Bartha Blow-Up, Howe as a Leader,

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #07: Con Air

Thanks to you, the voters, Luke, Devin and Abby watched the action spectacular, Con Air. On the flight, they talk about Evils Dead, The Outer Worlds, Google Problems, We Crashed A Casino, Dave Chapelle, Southern Courts, John Cusack Corner, and a large round of You Haven’t Seen? featuring the inspiration for Sanji from One Piece,

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #06: Honeymoon In Vegas

Since the world is awful, Luke, Devin and Abby decided to watch the rom-com movie Honeymoon In Vegas. Along the way they talk The Honeymooners, an all-dude Sex and the City, The CW’s Hanna-Barbera Universe, the Coward Ben Stein, Minimalist Cage, more Cage vampire movies, weird Elvis covers, the musical adaptation, Movies Abby Has Seen,