The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #16: It Could Happen To You

Abby, Luke, and Devin sit down to watch Nicolas Cage win the lottery and along the way the discuss Lesley Gore Classics, Court Evidence!, Star Wars Talk, The Waitress, Jim Cummings, A Bet, A Led Zeppelin Situation, Reserved Cage, Legal Times, Evil Rosie Perez???, Stickball, What Would You Do If It Happen To You, Jerry

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #13: G-Force

Luke, Devin and Abby watch Abby lament as Nicolas Cage is back in G-Force and Abby remembers she has to watch it and discuss it, along with the Muppets, Thomas Hayden Church, Cats & Dogs, 5 year old’s film ideas, Luke Got The Twist, Guinea Pig Owner Corner, and Actor Talk, and more! Also vote

The Unbearable Weight of Nicolas Cage #12: The Rock

Devin, Abby and Luke break out to watch Nicolas Cage in The Rock and discuss how nobody sleeps well, the house eating film, Shaq Fu, Boom Boom Times, Boys On Film, The Third Heat, John Leguizamo is not in this movie, Sean Connery money, San Francisco!, the classic actor rundown and more!