Status Update

I am busy these days despite being unemployed/not having frequent freelance that pays well enough to live. (Boooo.) But for those wondering I wanted to keep you abreast of my current activities (and that image is up there to hid the last page of ERAS: Parrish which hopefully didn’t lose my work). – FINISHING UP AN APP

Heroes Con

I’ll be attending Heroes Con and after that I’ll be wrapping up some projects. Busy busy busy.


May and June are going to be some Mister Miracle style tricks to survive. Right now I am working on a freelance web gig to finish this week. The week after I hope to start at least one more! These jobs will go to pay for Heroes Con where I’ll be displaying under Nerdcenaries and

Checking In Again!

Hey there true believers, I’ve been busy since I launched *drumroll please* another comic Kickstarter. And I have also returned to attempting daily weekday posts over at Nerdcenaries. Additionally the Gender through Comic Books course has started so I am excited! And I have picked up a few additional web design gigs. Gigs! I am

Checking In

It has been about three weeks since I last posted so let’d play catchup. Both of my fundraisers/crowdfunding projects ended up succeeding. Those were The Tomb of Naomi and Sounds In Space. I completed a new portfolio website in about a day with pretty much total hand coding. I also did some touch ups for

Non Comic Updates

As I slowly transfer content from the old site, figure out what is worth moving over and generally hate the design that we currently have, I know I’d feel remiss if I weren’t to update the site posts. As usual the old version of the site is located here. For content that has been uploaded,

Life, And What Ensues

Originally my plan was to have the new site finished a week after that first post. Here I am almost a month later though with no progress and for that I say it is a bad situation caused by good fortune. I’ve become involved with several small projects that are eating my time so for

Site Under Reconstruction

In an attempt to recreate my portfolio on a whim and a desire to make a good use of the week off before (unfortunately) returning to work in a factory, I’ve started a new WordPress version of my site. The previous version is located here if you happen to need it while the new site