Since We Last Spoke

It has been an intense 6 months since our last post. In that time I started a full time position as Digital Content Specialist for Scotts/Miracle-Gro, I became editor and writer for FreeStyleKomics, I started doing the podcast MultiversalQ more regularly, and I put together some more comics (including Senator Luchador) tat you can find

Site Under Reconstruction

Over the next week I will be rebuilding the website because honestly it has looked really bad for a while, because I am looking for work and because it doesn’t accurately represent my skills or abilities. Please stick with me for now.

Status Update #5

It has been much longer than I expected in between posts and in that time a lot has changed. First off, I’ve moved to Columbus, OH which has allowed me to have steadier work. I did a brief stint over at McGraw-Hill Education and then more recently I’ve been working with Fine Citizens LLC as

Status Update #4

Finishing Up An App! Sounds In Space is in indefinite hiatus due to a loss of interest, a lack of continuing funds and a lack of time from all parts of the team. A full update should be sent out soon once final funds have been acquired. Web Sites! The SuperMOOC site is up and

Status Update 3

It has been a little while but I needed to update the site so here goes! Sounds In Space finally got an update though currently it is in a frustrating unfinished zone where I am working to try and get it completed because I’d rather have not wasted the past few months of my life

Status Update 2

Finishing Up An App Sounds In Space is wrapping up the design phase but convention season has kept everyone busy. Doing Web Design I picked up two more sites as I work on the SuperMOOC site which is done until San Diego Comic Con is completed. The wedding site is just starting as is a

Shirts Down!

Got the shirts for the SuperMOOC fundraiser mailed out today and it was a long road to do so. A lot of shirts, less money raised than I hoped but I got it done and found time to listen to the Night Vale podcast. Wooo!   Up next is the 4th of July and then