ERAS: Parrish Cover

This is the beginning of the online posting of ERAS: Parrish, as unlocked via Kickstarter. 

ERAS is this re-imagining/reboot project where I am taking a lot of Bob Powell characters who entered the public domain and remaking them – changing origins – sort of a Watchmen approach. But this will be done through a series of serials, each set in a different decade with a different character and a different artist and all of the heroes are fighting the same villain ala Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory.

ERAS: Parrish is the chronological starting point and I was lucky enough to have James Lloyd as my collaborator on the project. We have something else big coming in the pipeline.

As an brief history of the original Ted Parrish here is a link to Jess Nevins’ Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes article on Ted Parrish. Please check out his blog and follow him online because he does a very detailed job researching everything.

This is just the cover and because I pitched the comic online as “The Artist but with Frankenstein Monsters” it sets up a good image. Of course it didn’t really deliver that but that was a failing on my part that I’ll address later.

As a side bonus, I will also be posting the pages in black and white which is what they were originally designed for.

Black and White Cover

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