Heroes International

I’m currently at NYCC having remembered that I haven’t updated this website in ages. Since ages have passed I’ve gotten a new job with Scotts Miracle-Gro, I’ve published 5 mini comics, I’ve completed (more or less) both Kickstarters that were an albatross around my production neck and I’ve been picked up by Legacy Rising to write Heroes International which you can check out here.

Mike Watson describes it as “the Avengers…but they suck”, after-which the egotistical part of me dies a bit each time he says that. I say it’s the high drama of comic relationships taken to a next level. It’s JLI/JLE but nobody has been famous before. It is an un-hip version of X-statix. It’s retail coworker relationships when lives are on the line and cameras are around.

It’s also a weird but important exercise for me. Each issue focuses on a different character, each issue is a one shot, and each issue is a chance to expand the Hotshot-verse in other directions. #1 is set in my home city of Columbus, Ohio where many of the stories have taken place (since Hotshot – start of 8 issues of comics now – goes to school at CCAD). Issue 2 goes to space, issue 3 heads out west to see the lifestyles of the rich and the famous and issue 4 – well I’m working on James Leask on that one currently.

Also digressing, we are in year 2 of MultiversalQ where I am working on a big project on the New Universe as a series of interviews.