Status Update 3

It has been a little while but I needed to update the site so here goes!

Sounds In Space finally got an update though currently it is in a frustrating unfinished zone where I am working to try and get it completed because I’d rather have not wasted the past few months of my life on it.

I am finishing up a secret project along with SuperMOOC2 and I am excited to finish both websites.

I am slowly sending Kickstarter rewards out when I can afford to which isn’t my favorite scenario but they are slowly getting done.

I have about 4 mostly finished first issue scripts and two other titles I need to start working on.

Nerdcenaries is my main writing site now and it is more of a when I can scenario. Though I did start a podcast there called Radio Hope and The Reader.

I am also currently working part time at a retirement center to get me out of the house so I can earn some more steady money.

And I am still looking for a full time job.

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