Status Update #4

Finishing Up An App!
Sounds In Space is in indefinite hiatus due to a loss of interest, a lack of continuing funds and a lack of time from all parts of the team. A full update should be sent out soon once final funds have been acquired.

Web Sites!
The SuperMOOC site is up and complete (for now)! The NDA site is currently on hiatus. And this site needs to be fixed up too. Ugh.

Finishing Up Kickstarters!
The Tomb of Naomi rewards should be going out starting next week thanks to funds from the sale of my N64 and ERAS: Fung will be printed soon after.

Card Game Design!
Sentai Slasher Summer Camp is resuming production after it’s hiatus!

Writing Articles!
Two articles are currently in production for Deadshirt and Nerdcenaries has been getting the scraps from those articles!

Looking For Work!
I’ve made two recent big jobs – an IT sales position (which is a bit slow to start) and another job doing administrative assistance work with a housing agency which is rewarding. More so than the nursing home was. Though I am still looking for better work.

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