Status Update #5

It has been much longer than I expected in between posts and in that time a lot has changed. First off, I’ve moved to Columbus, OH which has allowed me to have steadier work. I did a brief stint over at McGraw-Hill Education and then more recently I’ve been working with Fine Citizens LLC as a content manager and Fine Citizens has been a fantastic workplace that makes me sad since I am wrapping up my current contract work there.

Onto project statuses for now.

Sounds In Space

While we will not be completing the game, we will be releasing the game elements and sending out backer rewards. Currently the shirts are in the printer and once those are done I will be printing and mailing out additional rewards.


Tomb of Naomi, non-signed copies, have all been sent out. We are just waiting for Sally to get those copies signed and sketched. After that point the comic will go up for free online.
For ERAS: Fung and Turtle Run, my hope is to be able to safely set aside some money for the printing of it soon.

Writing Articles

I’ve done one piece for as well as appearing on their movie podcast. I will be getting another appearance on the site soon.


Beyond loose maintenance for SuperMOOC, I will almost be done with a few of my longer running projects. One will be linked here soon and the other will probably not due to discussions. My next step will be organizing new freelance jobs to get me between contract work and to give me something to do in my freetime.


I’ve started attending the Sunday Comix group of creators in Columbus which has been beneficial for me and it has been a great way to meet new people.
I’ve also attended a few different web developer and designer meetups as well as the Columbus Redditor Meetup.

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